Enrollment and tuition fees

As of now, children aged 19 months to 6 years old are able to be enrolled at FCC. You can choose from full-time enrollment (Monday to Friday, 7:30am-6pm), part-time enrollment for 2, 3 or 4 fixed days a week, or drop-in care for a full or half day.

Our commitment to affordable tuition fees is at the core of our mission. To ensure that, we maintain a standard fee level which covers the cost of running Flint Creek Childcare.

Additionally, Flint Creek Childcare accepts Best Beginning Scholarships for those in need.

Best beginnings scholarship

Low-income families who have their child taken care of by a licensed Child Care Center, Group or Family Child Care Home, or a family friend/neighbor can benefit from the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarships from the Early Childhood Services Bureau.

Each family participates in the cost of that care by making a copayment based on a sliding fee scale. These scholarships are available to many working families.
Flint Creek Childcare gladly accepts the Best Beginnings Scholarship program to assist qualifying families.

If you think that you meet the requirements for this program, please reach out to us to learn more about it and understand how to apply for it.

Expanded programs and new facility

We are happy to announce that FCC is expanding! We are excited to be able to offer infant care and more expanded programs.

FCC is dedicated to accepting Best Beginnings Scholarships. We have reserved six spots in our newly expanded facility for families who may be eligible for the program.

We anticipate that the building expansion will be finished by Summer 2023.

After hours care

FCC has historically been open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm on Mondays to Fridays, however we are looking forward to expanding our facility and hiring more personnel who will be dedicated to providing care services in the evenings and during weekends upon completion of our 2023 building expansion.

Until the expansion is complete, FCC is partnering with local unlicensed caregivers and committing to be a communication hub to assist in coordinating childcare during non-traditional hours.

Our food program and Harvest of the Month    

We take pride in providing healthy and balanced meals that meet Montana’s nutritional standards. Every day, breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided to all our children.

FCC is proud to be a part of the Montana Harvest of the Month program. Every month, we get to celebrate and incorporate delicious homegrown produce into our lunch program — supporting local farmers and celebrating unique and nutritious foods! Each month, FCC focuses on promoting one locally grown item by serving it in at least one meal or snack.

Our Approach

Our teachers are collaborators in the learning experience. With a daily schedule that balances structure and flexibility, we focus on play-based learning to increase self-autonomy and independence.

By offering a hybrid method, we emphasize Developmentally Appropriate Practices that cover all four of the major domains of child development: Social & Emotional, Language & Literacy, Physical, and Cognitive development.

Individualized Lesson Plans

We know that no one child is the same. Using anecdotal records, video recording, and the Montana Early Learning Standards, we first assess where each child is in their development. We then create individualized lesson plans curated with each child’s unique and collective interests in mind.

This approach promotes inclusion with families, the community, and is shown to aid in school readiness.

Building foundations of respect and empathy

Using exploration, discovery and play, we instill the principles of respect, responsibility and community as the foundation of our curriculum.

Fostering confidence through self-direction

By providing a safe environment with self-aware teachers, we encourage children to explore their surroundings through play, taking risks and making mistakes.

With open-ended toys, materials and the opportunity for real-life activities such as baking and gardening, our teachers know the importance of observation, allowing FCC kids to become independent and self-confident.

Growing community and outward awareness

Community is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in fostering a reciprocal relationship with our community. Through walking-tours of town and presentations given by community leaders, children are regularly exposed to what it looks like to engage and be active participants in the world around them. 

We're expanding!

New and expanded programs coming soon




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FCC has a STARS to Quality assessment score of 4.48

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